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Monday, June 27, 2022

Prepare yourself

 You think of a best-case scenario.

Two out of five workday mornings your drive to work takes 20 minutes. But three out of five days? It takes 60 minutes. You need to plan for 60.

Build for the worst case scenario. If it could break, it would. So, build your service to live up to that.


Friday, March 4, 2022

Spend Meaningful Time With Family

 Had a chance to speak to two of my close friends lost their loved ones recently.

One lost her dad and has been working really hard to make ends meet. With the pandemic hitting all the finances, she has been spending more time than she wished to at work. Thankfully, she has been able to spend some quality time with her mom and dad in the last two years. She cherished her time with a smile and was glad she could do that - build memories. 

Another friend lost her mom to Covid in the second wave and as travel was banned, she couldn't fly back to India while her mom fought Covid, loneliness and finally lost her life in the ICU. All this lasted about 20 days and was a nightmare for the family. There aren't enough words to describe the agony the family went thorough talking to everyone possible to ensure aunty was comfortable. 

We don't know how much time we have left to spend on this planet. While chasing dreams, goals and passion is always a good thing, it is important that you maintain the relationships, care for people who love you and find opportunities to show gratitude, find joy. Do not compromise on this one goal.

Spend meaningful time with your family, especially parents, grand parents, children. Make memories, have discussions, listen to them talk, recount the same thing again and again - when you have the chance. Make time for that chance.

Share this with that friend/sibling/loved ones who need to hear this.

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Monday, February 28, 2022

Monday blues: Knock Knock

Open doors do not mean absence of problems and oppositions. In fact they often go together! Some doors will appear closed. Closed doors do not mean locked doors. All you need to do is knock. So this week don't think you do not have a chance take it up once again and try. May be this door is not locked. Happy Monday!

Monday, February 21, 2022

Go through chaos with a smile

Our everyday lives can be full of anxiety and worry. And in extraordinary times, it can be hard not to feel the stress intensely.

Proverbs 12:25 “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.”

Today, I want to encourage you to pull yourself up and take comfort that you are not made weak. You are designed to do great things, and in the path to do so, you may find lows and troughs that might seem to suck you down. Do not consider them as pain and suffering. Embrace them and treat at them as lessons to encourage you.

Only a person who goes through chaos would be able to handle the challenges well. Wear your scars and move forward. You should not just survive but win. Do not let this pull you down. 

If you need to talk or want someone to listen, reach out to a friend, mentor or inbox me. 

Always ready to listen. Coffee?

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Monday Blues: Can Music Give You hope?

Music is one of the purest forms of emotions, and the artists use their talents to produce harmonies, rhythms, and songs that communicate directly with everyone's soul. The lyrics of the music created by your favorite artists do not tell just their stories, but yours and everyone are as well. You get to relate to their lyrics and then attach a piece of memory, emotion, or an idea to the songs you hear. Musicians work hard to create unique lyrics that can inspire everyone to think deeply about the blue planet, their part in it, and the things they can do to make it a lot better.

How Can Music Improve An Individual's Life?

Music has the power to express emotions and feelings in such a way, which words cannot explain. It also has a physical, visceral quality that instantly moves the spirit, mind, and body. It's so powerful that artists like Chris Jacobs spend their whole life creating and producing them.

Chris Jacobs is also one of those artists who recently became a part of a national non-profit, allowing artists to record songs based on the stories written by children. The main goal of this non-profit is to create powerful collaborations between children and entertainers.

These types of collaboration are highly beneficial for children. When children hear a song, which is based on the story they created, it will have a massive impact on them.

Even the simple of joy realizing that someone took the time to write a song based on their story gives them the courage and confidence to improve their creativity and imagination. These two things play a massive role in a child's health, and such events can surely help them move forward and do great things.

How Are Musicians Helping Communities?

Artists who created extraordinary and beautiful music inspire everyone with their art. But they inspire everyone through their actions as well. They offer their love and support to the communities who gave them so much when they were still young and helped them become into stars they are today.

For instance, Academy Award Winner Zac Brown completed a facility that will host children with emotional and social challenges during the summer. The facility will allow these children to engage in arts activities and athletics safely and securely.

Also, when the camp or facility is not conducting any events or activities, it is used by the military non-profits to offer aid to families who are experiencing post-deployment problems, such as PTSD. Rapper Chance has also been giving a lot to the community with his actions.

He created a foundation that offers youth education initiatives in this home city, Chicago. This foundation was created to give courage and inspire all the inner-city children to become leaders in their communities and schools.

Reasons That Makes Music An Important Part Of Everyone's Life

Even though music can uplift your mood, give you courage, and build your confidence, there are several other reasons it's important. Look below!

  Universal Language: Music stands out as a universal language as people do not require words to understand what type of music is being played.

   The Ambiance: Music has the power to create ambiance as it helps in adding to the experience of the things you are doing.

    It Unites: Music plays an essential role in bringing everyone together. Whether it's a club night, festival, or concert, everyone comes together to enjoy the music is being played.

 Focus: when you have some work to do, and you are experiencing some problems concentrating, turn on music in the background to focus properly.

Music is a balm to the soul

Music can do incredible things in an individual's life. It can inspire, give strength and also give a lot of courage. Music is a powerful thing that connects people across the globe, and artists do their best to convey a message of hope, love, and support to everyone through their lyrics.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Monday Blues: Can positive attitude lead to success?

Can we push ourselves towards success by maintaining a positive attitude? Studies in the recent times point out to that effect. 

Did you know that people suffering from mental health issues have 6 times higher mortality rate than others? 

If they are identified and diagnosed on time, with help, we can bring people out of depression and help cope up with mental issues. Whatever the issue is - job, money, relationship, education, failure, health, just talk it out. Maintain a gratiude attitude and talk to someone who can help you.

Here are some easy ways to stay motivated, especially in these tough times we are going through. 

  • Keep A Gratitude Diary: When you have a gratitude journal beside you, it will give you the chance to jot down all the things you are grateful for. You can write about things that you like and how lucky you are that it exists. Doing so will surely bring a lot of happiness. 
  • Eat Healthy: A study has provided evidence that consuming a regular proportion of vegetables and fresh fruits can improve mental well-being. When your mental state improves, you will surely feel a lot happier than before. 
  • Moving Your Body: Conducting cardiovascular exercises regularly is viewed as one of the best antidepressants of all time. You can also transform your regular exercise or a workout into a social experience like playing some sport rather than walking alone. Playing basketball, golfing, soccer can surely keep you in good shape and also increase your happiness. 
  • Social Connectedness: Communicating or interacting with people will surely make you feel happier. You will get the chance to learn new things, discuss important topics and get to share opinions and advice with others. You will not just gain happiness, but it will make you feel a lot more energetic and confident. 
  • Being Cheerful: Visualizing all the positive outcomes and circumstances will surely increase your happiness. This is ideal for all those individuals who aim to fulfill a new objective or goal. 
  • Using Your Strength: You must identify all the strengths and commit so that you can use them in brand-new ways. Doing so will allow you to gain a lot of happiness, which will also increase your chances of becoming successful in the things you do. 
  • Be Kind or Humble: Showing kindness is one of the best ways to become happy in life. When you help someone, giving support and love will also help in your own sense of well-being. This will ultimately lead towards happiness. 

Happiness is something that you can easily achieve through many things. Being kind and cheerful will surely allow you to stay happier. Eating healthy food products and doing some exercise or playing sports can also increase happiness. When you feel happy, it becomes easier for you to gain success in life.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Monday Blues: Thriving in Chaos

Being a leader when things are working our fine is something we are always good at. We celebrate success more than what we should be doing and we mourn failure more than what it deserves too. 

As human beings, we have a desire for certainty and routine that keeps us feeling safe and able to plan what lies ahead in an organized manner. 

When unpredictable situations or accidents impact us, it can be traumatic, and we will likely feel a sense of disappointment, frustration, and loss.

If someone is going through a hard time, especially when things take a different turn from what is expected, it is not 100% about what the person could/should have done but more about how they recover. As a generation that has spent more time in front of non-living things - television, computer, phone, factory machinery, we must question ourselves about something really important. 

Are we slowly turning more apathetic to other human beings? Are we being too judgemental like the robotic voice of big-boss that makes livings a circus where you are just being judged all the time?

Is failure really a failure? Is it for now or for life? 

Is success for life or it is just a phase of life?

How do you determine, if a person can do or cannot do certain things? Is it worth taking a risk about something just by their past or a single mistake or success? 

Are we trying to take decisions based on certain qualities or how you feel about someone rather than simply relying on their past? I urge you to be open to possibilities. 

May be you would see a day when your bet pays off. If not, you can still learn from that.

Only a person who went through chaos can really have a fighting chance to survive in it. 

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Monday, January 31, 2022

Monday Blues - How do you handle stress?

While it is easy to sit in a comfortable place and advice, it can be really painful when you don't know how to handle it. Some of the skills we don't teach children and even students in good schools are related to emotional health. Handling stress is one of the most needed skills in today's time. Don't you think so?

Positive Psychologist Vamshi Krishna

Stress is real

I have spoken to many people who handle stress daily about how they live with it. Some of the worse situations make people feel suffocated, triggering headaches that last more than 2-3 days and even blur out their eyesight for some time. That can be an extremely painful experience unless handled professionally. 

If you are someone who is going through these tough times, definitely speak about it to your loved ones and see a professional who can help you with coping with the pressure. There is no shame in seeking help when you need it. Remember that your family and loved ones need you. Talk to someone today.

Here are a few tips that can help you manage the pressure at work or otherwise.

  • Listen to good music - soul-lifting, calming, rock, devotional - whatever helps you.
  • Eat healthy, light and take good care of your body and mind
  • Spend time meditating - practice calmness, mindfulness, forgiving
  • Get some good sleep - try and get to bed at a fixed time. Good quality sleep helps
  • Walk - when angry, tired, stressed out, thinking, or on a phone call, step out and take a stroll
  • Practice gratitude - be thankful for what you have, how lucky we are!
  • Spend time with kids, family, friends, pets, plants and do whatever makes you joyful
  • Laugh more - find occasions to laugh, smile

Want to add more to this list? Comment below and tag the person who needs to take a chill pill.

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Friday, January 14, 2022

5 Best Ads for Diwali 2021

 Diwali is a special occasion, which is celebrated across India and the world. The "Festival Of Lights" brings all family members together to make the event memorable and unique.  

You will also find your TV screen bombarded with various Diwali-related advertisements about clothes, jewelry, food, and other things. Even though these ads are created to encourage you to spend your money, not all of them. 

You will surely come across some advertisements that carry messages that are worth taking note of. Here, in this article, you will learn about some unique and beautiful ads that you must take a look at this year's Diwali. So, let's dig in. 

1. Amazon – This Diwali, Let's #DeliverThatLove!

This particular advertisement from Amazon is worth watching this Diwali 2021. It's pretty meaningful, and the ad celebrates the familial bonds that people make when they are far away from home, along the way as everyone lives their lives. The ad shows that a mother and son duo drive 50km together to deliver a very special family. The teen son doesn't show much interest when it comes to delivering one specific gift. But in the end, his mother's insistence leads towards an unexpected but joyful reunion. The advertisement is meaningful as it helps in teaching a valuable lesson.  

2. Vivo – Celebrate The #JoyofHomecoming! 

Vivo has always been unique and outstanding when it came to making advertisements for festivals or other events. But the company's Diwali advertisement features Kanwaljit Singh, who suffers from the empty nest syndrome. He also plays the father of three children. In the advertisement, Kanwaljit Singh is forced to reside within a massive mansion with empty rooms as the moment with all his three children becomes limited through the video calls. This particular advertisement is pretty emotional, and it will surely bring tears into your eyes.  

3. RealMe - #HopeForGreatThings

Losing someone close to you and with whom you have so many memories can be heartbreaking. This advertisement from RealMe is all about that. The ad shows a young boy who mourns the loss of his grandfather, with whom he shares a unique and special bond. He completely withdraws into himself, but his Diwali ends on a high note thanks to some unexpected turn of events. The concept of the ad is surely emotional, and it's currently one of the best ads that you must watch this Diwali.  

4. Eicher Trucks And Buses – Yaaron Ki Diwali

This advertisement from Eicher Trucks and Buses is educational and informative. The advertisement is a way through which it weaves friendship into an individual's journey on the highway. The advertisement completely discourages drunk driving so that the chances of accidents don't take place when people drive on the highway. The advertisement carries a lot of meaning behind its existence, and its ideal for those individuals who frequently travel on a highway. 

5. Vodafone – Never Alone 

Spending Diwali alone can be pretty boring and saddening at the same time. But you will not feel that way to anyone if you watch this advertisement from Vodafone, which the company made especially for Diwali. The advertisement shows that no matter where you are, you can still get the chance to celebrate Diwali with your loved ones through Vodafone. This advertisement is filled with happiness, and you will surely like it once you watch it.  

Final Thoughts 

You will surely come across many Diwali-related advertisements on television and the Internet, but the ones mentioned in this article are worth checking out. They are informative, educational, emotional, and do teach something pretty meaningful. Make sure to check out these advertisements and make your Diwali a unique one. 

Friday, January 7, 2022

Chill bro!

Once in a while, relax. Don't be a perfectionist. I do not want you to be that strict, uncompromising, cleanliness freak that you are and relax.

Not everyone carries your energy levels and cannot compete being at your level all the time. You need to understand that you carry a higher level of energy and are okay with it, but when you have a team, family, colleagues, support staff who don't always be on that level. So it is good for you to calm down a bit today.

Give some leeway. Let it be, just for today. It is okay. Say it loud. Yes, you say it loud. It is okay. Thank you.

So, skip being an autocratic person and be a normal one today. It is okay. Have a great Monday.

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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Stop your excuse and get going!

One afternoon in October 1931 Amy Carmichael (1861-1951) fell and broke a leg and dislocated an ankle. Despite suffering from neuralgia which, added to her thirty-six years of unbroken service in India, left her an invalid for the rest of her life.

Yet from her bed — often lying completely flat — she continued her ministry of rescuing temple girls in Dohnavur, South India. She kept in touch with the outside world through her correspondence and, with help, wrote thousands of letters.

Already the author of many books, she wrote a further thirteen books during this period, as well as revising her other titles and producing more poetry.

What is your excuse? Get going.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Choose Nature's Kingdom

Have you noticed the changes happening around you? What do you see? 

Let me state the obvious facts which we have been ignoring for a long time. According to the study conducted by the Indian Institute of Science, (1973-2014), Bengaluru city has noticed a loss of 78% of its vegetation and around 79% depletion of water bodies. 

Once called the city of lakes is now having a hard time keeping its lakes from contamination. The rapid decrease in the green cover of the city is alarming too. 

Where, there should be 8 trees per person, in Bengaluru there is only one tree for 7 people. The number of trees left in the city are not being able to handle the carbon dioxide, giving way to air borne disease. 

One of the reasons, for the rise in the CO2 level, is rise in the production of vehicles. Bengaluru city is also known for its bad traffic management. Almost 80% of the people we surveyed had complaints against the increase in the traffic in the city. 

While filling the form they remembered the old days where there was way less traffic and a safe pathway for pedestrians. 

This article is not about pointing fingers but coming up with solutions for the betterment of the city, for the betterment of our home. 

Bengaluru is the city that we all love and by living in the city despite its flaws is a big-enough reason to be more passionate, more conscious and sometimes a little aggressive when it comes to maintaining, freeing it from the pollution infection. 

This is where Nature's Kingdom comes in place. It’s a project planned with ‘being sustainable’ in mind. One of the main aims of this community is to provide conscious, sustainable and a happy living. It is designed is a way to tackle, if not all but some, major issues faced by Bengaluru in today’s time. It is guaranteed that people of any generations can come and link themselves in this way of living. 

The roads in Nature's Kingdom are planned and constructed in such a way that it helps in conserving water by collecting the rain water.  

This community promotes the art of biophilic living, which means there would be a good number of trees and vegetation all around to provide good quality of air. All the amenities are at a walkable distance to promote a healthy life and a sustainable one too.   

Want to know more? Connect with our team today

What is your style?

For ages most of the general population have followed and worn dresses from what a select few have chosen every year. These fashion designers, masters, tailors, gurus have always looked at finding out what trends are catching up and how they can guess it before it hits the market. Some even went of elaborate plans to make a particular fashion a hit. In India Karan Johar is known to have introduced GAP hoodies and tees to the teenage audience through the film Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge so much that everyone from the fruit and vegetable vendor to the guy on a Yamaha bike were wearing counterfeit tees without knowing that the original brand GAP was non-existent in India at that time!

Trends come and trends go. You stay the same! The fashion police look down upon and sneer about the choices that many people think are cool and have glorified horrible looking selection as well. I have always, reiterating the word - always, had my own fashion and have been comfortable in being so. Very few times, I liked what was being thrust on to me as a fashion trend we cannot miss and hence the style has become the same almost all these years. I am glad I did stick to a particular style that remained with me so much as I have always been photographed or seen on the same trend - my trend. 

My choice of fashion has two main reasons:
  1. Is it comfortable?
  2. Is it made from good material?
Simple huh? Well! not for many people. Some people have closets that are much bigger than the one in Chronicles of Narnia! And yet have always wondered what they should be wearing. I have heard and read a lot of people talking about the body shapes and stuff but don't you think it is too much to think of? While I always want you to be fit and healthy so you would live longer (Isn't that the idea?), I would recommend you take the trends off your chest for a while and look at life more easily and make things less complicated. Wear whatever your heart tells you to. Make sure YOU are comfortable. Don't bother about what others think. What they would say. Worry about you being presentable and being nice and don't give everything else a damn! You look best when you are happy and comfortable. Just make sure you have a smile on your face when you step out. You are mint new!

Having said that, I have had my share of suits and boots and have rocked them too. Sometimes mom wanted me to look so (on my graduation), sometimes the occasion demanded so (my wedding being one such occasion). But just can't have then every day.

So choose your fashion choices wisely and go with what you like. Choose your style. Make one that is your own, personal and close to your heart. Something you would be comfortable in and can pull off. I myself like a black tee, blue jeans and sport shoes any day, every day.

Get more fashion advice and tips from here.

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For God's sake, Just do it!


I have seen many people and myself sometimes stay at one point where we are waiting for the best idea to emerge, best design to come up while we sit there and wait till the last minute and then rush into doing things that we are not proud of. You know what I mean, don't you?

Most of the work is tiresome and non-interesting but we got to get through that to get to the interesting stuff. So it is better to start off early and finish the mundane tasks that make our routine and then have time for the creative, productive stuff.

Plan your day and make good use of the plan. Have complete attention in the time you can. Like, have an hour of your best time, morning coffee time in my case, to answer your emails and set out the tasks for the day. In that one hour, don't have anything open on your laptop, have your phone on emergency calls only and focus on completing the task.

Vamshi Krishna A Positive Psychologist

I also would encourage you to pick up the toughest task you have for the day and handle it as the first thing you would do for today. Answering that query, completing the presentation, replying to the client or making that report.

Whatever you usually put off till the last minute, handle that first. Once you do that, you take up the strongest enemy on the table and then you are practically blazing through the rest of the day.

Having a coffee break or a simple stroll during the day also helps. Try it for a week and see how easy your day becomes. So don't keep it pending till the nth hour. Just do it and finish it off.

Open doors


Open doors, opportunities. Give chances, make choices, help others improve. Be a change agent, a positive one.
Bring the light in.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Monday Blues: A forest to reap


This Monday, I want to encourage you to dig deep into your core competency, your best skills and use that to build your brand. When things don't seem to go in your favour or, when everything you know looks like it is dead, when you can't see further, have hope on the Lord and he will help you to reap a forest. This happens when the spirit is poured on you from the high. You need to sow your faith, do your work, dig in deep and confess. Move forward, move ahead, keep running. Don't give up yet. You have a forest to reap.

Isaiah 32:15 - Till the Spirit is poured on us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field seems like a forest.  

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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Hello, 2022!

One of the most interesting things that happens with us is how we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and things like the new year.

While we must be thankful that we are given yet another chance to be on this planet, we must also recommit ourselves to follow the resolutions we kept pending. Time waits for none.

As we step into the new year and are back to the grind, here is what I feel we can be doing.

Pick the top 3 things from the resolution list you made last year and go at them with double force.

Here are the ones I picked -
  • Spend time with God - The Holy Bible, prayer
  • Spend meaningful time with family
  • Eat healthy - Hmmm
  • Walk more - can I touch 500 kms?
  • Write more - 150 blog posts, 2 books at least
  • Read more - Close all pending books on my shelf
  • Be kind - Every time
  • Control my anger - shift to assertive mode

What are yours?

If they are similar, tag me and we will journey together, compare notes and learn.

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Time Is Running Out

Vamshi Krishna A Positive Psychologist

Our days on this planet are numbered. What are you going to do today? How about tomorrow? Are you sure you can do that?

What legacy are you going to leave? Work towards that today.

As humans, we have the greatest opportunity to create a history, a legacy that will stand the test of time. Start working. Build your legacy.

Comment if you agree.


Monday, December 20, 2021

Take time to unwind

Unwind on the weekend: Make sickening plans to enjoy your weekend. This is to ensure all your pressure weans off once you finish your weekend and come back recharged when you come back to work.

Maybe it means you are just sleeping or reading a book. Maybe it means you are cleaning your entire house. Maybe you are washing your clothes while watching a movie.

Come back with passion.

Do it well and plan to beat Monday Blues with a bang.

What is your plan for this weekend? Mention in the comments. The best 3 would be pinned!